• Lab Fees: $185 per semester (NUR 1510, NUR 1520, NUR 2510, and NUR 2520).

  • Student Accident Insurance: All nursing students are required to purchase student accident insurance. The insurance will be automatically added to the student’s bill (approximately $13 per semester).

  • Physical Information: To certify the health of students working with patients or clients in health care facilities, JCC, by law, must notify the health care agencies of the status of the students. Therefore, a physical examination to determine the student’s health is required prior to registration and enrollment in any nursing course requiring a clinical component. JCC will provide the forms and information regarding the physical examination following the student’s written acceptance to the nursing program. A $40 fee (approx.) is charged for the physical and 2 step TB.

  • Drug Screen: It is a contractual requirement between the college and some healthcare agencies that prior to beginning their clinical experiences at the healthcare agency, students must complete a 10 panel urine drug screen evaluation and receive clinical clearance to practice. Therefore, the college must require all Jamestown Campus freshman nursing students to complete a 10 panel drug screen evaluation and receive clearance prior to any clinical experience. The Campus Health Center performs the drug screen. The cost of the initial drug screen will be $48 and due the day of the physical. Students who do not receive drug screen clearance from the initial 10 panel screen evaluation will be required to undergo a second drug screen at a higher additional cost. Subsequently, if a student does not receive drug screen clearance from the second screening, the student will not be allowed to participate in any clinical experiences. Students who are not able to complete their clinical experiences will not be permitted to continue in the nursing program.

  • Hepatitis B Vaccine: The vaccine provides active immunity against Hepatitis B. It is strongly recommended by JCC and health care agencies that all students receive this immunization.

  • Criminal Background Check and Clearance: All health care agencies in Pennsylvania (PA) require criminal background checks on nursing students before beginning a clinical placement. All JCC nursing students will be assigned to clinical experiences in PA during some semester(s). Therefore, nursing students are required, at their own expense, to complete the required child abuse background check and a state or federal background check before beginning clinical placement. Inability to obtain a satisfactory clearance will prevent a student from being assigned to clinical experiences in PA, and as a result, the student will not be able to complete the clinical objectives for the course and will not be allowed to continue in the nursing program. (The college will not move a student from an agency that denies background clearance to another.) A criminal record may also jeopardize a graduate’s ability to obtain registered nurse licensure. (See separate federal and state background checks and clearance sheet)

  • Transportation: A variety of area agencies are used to provide clinical experiences for the nursing student. Among these agencies are private and public acute care hospitals, psychiatric facilities, long-term care facilities, rehabilitation centers, public schools, health care clinics, and home care agencies. Transportation and all the expenses associated with the agency experience are the responsibility of the student. Clinical agency placements are limited and in high demand by a variety of health care programs. Clinical agency assignments for JCC’s nursing program may be located in the following areas but are not limited to: Jamestown, Dunkirk, and Olean, NY and Bradford, Erie, and Warren, PA. Although students will have an opportunity to express their preferences for clinical site locations, the time and location of the clinical agency experience is at the discretion of the faculty. It is also a faculty policy to ensure that students have well-rounded clinical experiences in a variety of clinical agencies. Therefore, students must attend more than one agency for their primary rotation during their four semesters of the program.

  • Uniforms: Each student is expected to have a uniform for selected clinical experiences beginning with NUR 1510. Uniforms will be ordered during the first week of the fall semester. Other expenses associated with the uniform include a name embroidered and patch sewn on, white shoes, wrist watch (with second hand or timer), scissors, blood pressure cuff, and stethoscope.

  • License and First Registration Fees: Fees for the licensure examination and first registration, which occur after the final semester of the program, are approximately $425 for New York state and $390 for Pennsylvania. Fees charged by other states will vary with the state.

  • Laptop: A laptop with a current browser and DVD-ROM player is highly recommended. Cost is approximately $650.

    • Internet Explorer (8 (limited), 11 (limited), 9, 10), Firefox, Chrome, Safari (6, 7, 8)

Expenses for the 2015-2016 Academic Year*
Summary of Estimated Special Expenses 1st Year Student 2nd Year Student
Smartphone or iPod Touch $200  
Skyscape software for smartphone or handheld device $225  
Laptop $650  
Other nursing course textbooks and resources $525 $250
Nursing course lab fees $370 $370
Accident insurance ($13/semester) $26 $26
Physical and TB testing $40 $20
Drug screen $48-75  
Required immunizations $275  
Background checks $20-46  
White shoes $70  
One uniform $70 $70
BP and stethoscope $50  
Watch (sweep hand) $30  
Hemostat $5 (optional)  
Pulse oximeter $35 (optional)  
Pen light $8  
One pair bandage scissors $8  
Total estimated nursing fee, books, hardware, software, and supplies $2,655-$2,708 $736

*All expenses are approximate and may not be the final amount.