JCC’s social sciences curriculum is an excellent transfer program since it parallels the first two years of most baccalaureate liberal arts programs. Working closely with their faculty advisors, students can select their courses to meet degree requirements and be prepared to complete a baccalaureate degree at a transfer institution with two additional years of full-time study. Many graduates of four-year programs whose bases are in the social sciences seek careers in psychology, teaching, government, and social work.


Studies human behavior, including both tribal societies of the past and more modern peoples. The development of humans physically and culturally, and what they make, think, and do today is also explored.


Studies the way resources are allocated to produce a variety of goods and services.


Studies the interrelationships of natural and human environments in the world's major regions.


Involves research and analysis of the past, often focused on a specific country or geographic region in a particular time period.

Political Science

Studies the ways, nature, and functions of the state and of government, and the manner in which power is organized, distributed, and used.


Studies behavior and mental processes and the ways individuals deal with themselves, each other, and the environment. 


Studies social behavior in groups, organizations, and societies.

Transfer Opportunities

JCC graduates holding A.A. degrees in social sciences have transferred to many institutions, including SUNY Buffalo, SUNY Fredonia, SUNY Binghamton, and Cornell University.

Career Opportunities

An A.A. degree in social sciences from JCC is the first step toward a career in many areas, including: criminal justice, education, law, medicine, mental health, politics and government, and probation.

Students who pursue their education in social sciences beyond JCC may eventually be employed in settings such as: colleges and universities, government agencies, museums, public schools, research centers, and social service agencies.

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