We have concluded our 2017 trip.

Join the biology department from both campuses for a once-in-a-lifetime experience as students explore the wonders of tropical rainforests and snorkel in azure waters. Check back for details on our next upcoming trip. Contact Bob Ratterman or Jan Bowman if you have any questions.

Spend spring break in Costa Rica

Join us for this 3-credit hour course (BIO 2620) as we spend 10 days in exotic Costa Rica and Panama. 

Here's what you will experience on the trip:

  • Explore the flora and fauna of primary and secondary rainforests and snorkel over coral reefs teeming with life. 
  • Visit La Selva Biological Research Station, a tropical field laboratory operated by a consortium of universities from around the world.
  • Travel to the unique cloud forest of Monteverde.
  • Be serenaded to sleep by the sounds of tiny pink tink frogs only to be awakened the next morning by a chorus of howler monkeys outside your tent lodge!
  • Watch as chestnut-mandibled toucans, huge blue Morpho butterflies and red-lorred parrots fly through the understory.
  • Spend 2 days snorkeling in warm tropical Panamanian waters and see brightly-colored stoplight parrotfish, blue tangs, angelfish, fire coral, sea anemones, spotted eagle rays and various species of sponges. The biodiversity will astound you!
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