Jamestown Community College's humanities program offers:


Available on the Jamestown Campus, JCC’s theatre curriculum studies the writing, performing, and production of plays, including television applications. Advanced study can lead to a career as an actor, director, playwright, scenic or lighting designer, stage manager, technician, or teacher.
Theatrical and music theatre productions featuring students are presented each semester, offering opportunities for performers and technicians. The Robert Lee Scharmann Bequest supports cash awards for JCC students who show an exceptional commitment to theatre. The bequest also supports periodic visits by theatrical professionals who present workshops and performances.


This program is available on the Jamestown Campus and to a lesser extent on the Cattaraugus County Campus. JCC’s music curriculum focuses on the joy of music as well as the art and science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds or tones in varying melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre to form structurally complete and emotionally expressive compositions. With advanced study, students may find employment as teachers, professional musicians, musical engineers, composers, conductors, music therapists, arrangers, and other positions within the music business.
Students have the opportunity to work with a multi-track audio recording studio and a state-of-the-art digital music studio complete with computers, synthesizers, effects, and multi-track capabilities. Studios are open to all students, regardless of prior music or studio experience.


Philosophy is the discipline which investigates fundamental assumptions that we make about the nature of reality and the place of humans in the natural and social worlds. Philosophers are especially interested in the general nature of knowledge and its scope and limits. The nature of moral reasoning, the existence of God, and a variety of contemporary moral issues and problems are included within the scope of philosophy. Advanced study can lead to careers in teaching, religion, law, writing, and government service.


JCC’s art curriculum focuses on the study of the principles and applications of creative work in designing projects that have form and beauty. Visual art includes drawing, painting, design, graphic arts, photography, sculpture, ceramics, and computer graphics. Among the career options open for students with advanced study are artist, designer, photographer, printmaker, commercial artist, illustrator, art educator, architect, art therapist, gallery administrator, and community arts administrator.


JCC’s curriculum covers the English language in both written and spoken forms. Students will develop skills in reading, writing, and analyzing literature. Course choice includes creative writing; newswriting; British, world, and American literature; and other areas of literature. Advanced study can lead to a career as a teacher, writer, editor, public relations practitioner, or journalist.

Foreign Language

JCC’s curriculum focuses on the study of French and Spanish communication with an emphasis on both the spoken and written word. Students also learn how a language relates to its culture. Advanced study can lead to careers in education, government relations, translation, international trade, and minority outreach.


Students have the opportunity to explore the art of dance through a variety of credit bearing courses at JCC. No prior experience is required.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a special academic and cultural opportunity available to JCC students through JCC's membership in the College Consortium of International Studies. Semester and longer term programs in several countries await students interested in learning about another culture while obtaining college credits.

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