Honors Program Coursework

Honors courses are developed by faculty who are dedicated to providing additional rigor and support for Honors Program students. These courses may be “targeted” to honors students only, or “blended” and offered to both honors and non-honors students. Honors courses are indicated in the course schedule, both on the “JCC Honors” page and the general course listings for both the Cattaraugus County and Jamestown campuses. Honors courses give students the chance to explore an issue in greater breadth and depth, allow students to employ an interdisciplinary approach to a subject, emphasize writing and critical thinking skills, and expose learners to the values and ethics associated with a particular field.

Fieldwork and Service-Learning

One-credit honors fieldwork and service-learning courses help to support classroom learning by engaging students in 45 hours of hands-on work that provides the basis for a research paper or project. Honors fieldwork courses are attached to other honors courses, and students should register for honors fieldwork when registering for the associated honors course. An honors service-learning course, on the other hand, stands alone. Students wishing to register for honors service-learning should contact Laura Turnbull for assistance with securing a service opportunity and locating a faculty mentor.