Music is a vital part of campus life at JCC. Ensemble performances, music theatre productions, guest musicians, visiting musicians in residence, and challenging coursework offer lively experiences for both the campus and the community.

JCC's Associate in Science-Fine Arts/Music degree is valuable to students wishing to transfer to four-year institutions in music and music-related fields  including, but not limited to, music education, sound recording technology, performance, music theatre, music therapy, music business, composition, arts management. The degree also serves the student who is preparing to enter a career in music and not wishing to transfer to a four-year school.

JCC also offers a one-year certificate program in digital audio production which can be included as part of the A.S.-Fine Arts/Music degree.

Open to both full- and part-time students, JCC welcomes individuals who are interested in music purely for their own enjoyment as well as those choosing music as their life's work. Many JCC students, regardless of their majors, choose music courses as humanities electives to complement their associate degree programs.

A student whose goal is an associate degree may concentrate his/her studies in performance, sound recording technology, audio engineering, or in related fields involving music such as human services, music business, or communications. Students frequently study music at JCC in anticipation of continued study at prestigious music schools or upper division colleges or universities. These students transfer successfully in areas such as music performance, music education, general education with a music minor, music business, audio recording, and music therapy.

JCC offers students a variety of musical performance opportunities. JCC’s music ensembles are music and humanities credit bearing courses often open without audition to full- and part-time students and staff. Ensembles may include the college chorus, concert band, jazz ensemble, vocal jazz ensemble, and rock ensemble.

JCC provides students with hands-on experience in sound recording and electronic music in two state-of-the-art studios. Students in Music Theory I-IV enjoy the use of a computer managed MIDI studio. This facility allows students to enter their compositions into a computer controlled system, immediately hear their work performed, and have it recorded. Students may then edit and print their compositions.

Previous music or studio experience is not required for those enrolling in introductory courses. Courses in audio recording and music and the digital studio serve as electives for students concentrating their studies in music, education, communications, theatre, and related areas and for those students seeking studio experience for personal experience or production.

Credit-bearing private lessons are available to all full- and part-time students, whether they are concentrating in music or studying music for their own enjoyment. Students may enroll in applied music courses for private study in voice, keyboard, or other instrument. Instruction is also available in areas including composition, arranging, conducting, and audio studio operations. A studio fee is required.

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