Want to develop a poster but not sure quite where to start? Try using our template.

How will my presentation be evaluated?Student shows project poster to interested people A poster is considered successful if it conveys a clear message to viewers. Faculty from the appropriate disciplines will evaluate Scholars Day posters and other presentations, and will select award winners based on whether it has:

  • A structure that is easy-to-follow
  • Materials that are visually appealing and well-designed
  • Evidence of significant planning and research
  • Text that is free of spelling and grammatical errors 

Generally, a research poster provides:

  • Clear information on background/objectives
  • The approach used to generate your results (methodology)
  • The major conclusions of the research (if available) and future research

Suggested layout and design format:

  • Title: This should be both interesting and informative
  • Abstract: Conveys what your project is clearly and succinctly. This should also include your name and the course (or other occasion) for which you completed the project
  • Introduction: Specify the objective of your study, provide an overview of what you have done, and point out the significance and value of the research
  • Method: Describe how to came to your results
  • Results: Indicate what your research has revealed
  • Conclusion: An explanation of the ways the results satisfy the research objective, implications of your research, and future work that can be done based off of your results

Frequent poster presentation mistakes:

  • Too much text
  • Too much color
  • Not enough color
  • Too much information
  • Unclear structure - clarify your objectives, approach, conclusions, or perspectives
  • Poor figures - make graphics/charts reader-friendly
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