Partners in Learning play a vital role in experiential learning at JCC. Through their willingness to take on interns, volunteers, or learners who would like to job shadow, they demonstrate their openness to collaboration and cooperation. Faculty are encouraged to contact the following organizations to discuss potential projects, and students are encouraged to seek specific internship information.
Lynn LeFeber, Environmental Education and Interpretation
Faculty, staff, and students who are interested in the environment and conservation are encouraged to contact Allegany State Park to inquire about internship and service activities that are currently available or could be developed to meet learner needs.
In addition to ongoing internship opportunities such as trail and infrastructure mapping, park management, grant administration, and document archiving, the State Park hosts a number of service opportunities every year, including National Public Lands Day. Service-learning opportunities for clubs and classes abound, and those interested in participating may contact the Park for more information.
Jennifer Schlick, Program Director
A wide array of short- and long-term learning experiences for individuals or groups exist with the Jamestown Audubon Society. Students, faculty, and clubs are encouraged to contact the Society with any proposed activities or offers of assistance, and are reminded to take advantage of the educational programming offered by the Society.
Projects of special interest to JCC students might include the Society’s Green Home Chautauqua program and the Jamestown Audubon School Programs.
Past interns have developed learning modules for the center, completed media projects, assisted with seasonal events, and created interpretive art displays. Additional internship or service opportunities include leading school tours, maintaining trails, managing plant species, researching, marketing, and outreach.
Megan Sorenson, Director of Development & Communications
Credit- and non-credit-bearing internship, service, and research opportunities are available at The Robert H. Jackson Center. Additionally, individuals, classes, and clubs are encouraged to take advantage of the Center’s on-site educational programming. On-campus programming may also be arranged.
Events such as the annual International Humanitarian Law Dialogues attract legal scholars and activists from around the world (including representatives from international criminal tribunals in Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia). Opportunities exist for JCC students to engage with participants of this and other events through event planning and management internships and service work.
Other potential internship and service activities include archiving documents relating to Nuremburg, maintaining displays and exhibits, creating interactive digitized web exhibits, giving tours, and improving the Center’s building and grounds.
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