Partner high schools enter into a contractual agreement with Jamestown Community College. Teachers interested in the program must meet the same credentialing standards as those who teach on campus and must complete a formal application process. Approved teachers will work closely with a JCC faculty liaison. Courses may be offered as fall, spring, or full-year options.

To find out how your high school can become a College Connections partner school, please contact the director of College Connections.

High School Benefits

  • The opportunity to collaborate with university faculty to prepare students for college courses
  • Collegial connections between high school and college instructors
  • Program articulation between high school and college
  • Response to community concerns for gifted education
  • Reduced curricular redundancy

Student Benefits

There are several advantages to earning JCC credits will still in high school, including:

  • Tremendous financial savings
  • A transition and gradual introduction to university study while remaining in a high school environment
  • More scheduling flexibility when enrolling at a college or university
  • Opportunities for enrichment experiences such as internships, travel abroad, or a second major or certification
  • Earlier completion of general education requirements
  • Possibility of early degree completion

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