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The cost of a college education is one of the major financial concerns of the American family. While few people doubt the ultimate value of this investment, many students seeking higher education find it difficult to meet their educational expenses within a concentrated period of time. Jamestown Community College believes that a college education should be within the reach of every student and offers a comprehensive financial aid program to support this goal.

Students attending JCC may participate in a full range of federal, state, and institutional grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study programs. Students must be accepted and matriculated by the JCC admissions office and meet academic eligibility criteria to receive awarded funds.

Although the primary obligation for college expenses rests with the student and his/her parents, federal and state agencies, JCC, and the community provide assistance to meet the financial costs of a college education. Eligibility criteria and application deadlines vary for individual sources of financial aid.

Students may contact the financial aid office in person or by telephone for general questions and assistance, in addition to scheduling personal appointments for special circumstances.

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