Student Responsibility and Expectations link to new page

JCC is committed to creating and maintaining an effective community of learners in which all can grow and develop. We look forward to interacting with you in a civil and respectful classroom environment that encourages dialogue, supports the acquisition of knowledge, and assists all students in meeting their academic and personal goals.

Student Constitution

Students who enroll at JCC do so with the understanding that they have accepted the responsibilities for proper conduct both in and out of the classroom. The student constitution addresses two key areas in which students have important responsibilities:

Academic Integrity link to new page

Providing an atmosphere that promotes honesty and free exchange of ideas is the essence of academic integrity. As members of the college community, students have an obligation to uphold high intellectual and ethical standards. Academic integrity includes adherence to codes of ethical behavior associated with all areas of study including specialized environments such as internships, fieldwork, and cooperative and clinical experiences. Students who violate the college’s policies on academic integrity will be subject to discipline by members of the college community.

Student Conduct link to new page

When the actions of students hinder the academic life of students or the ability of the college to achieve its educational purposes, students will be subject to discipline by members of the college community.

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