Scholars Day

Present your work at Scholars Day

Scholars Day is a day for you to share your collegiate work and experiences with the college community. You can present your honors program coursework, capstone projects, study abroad experiences, field placements and internships, research projects, and independent studies. Scholars Day takes place each spring.

Students and faculty at all Jamestown Community College locations are encouraged to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can presentations be completed by a group?

Yes, you can present individually or in a group. Only one application form should be submitted for each group presentation. Be sure the name of every contributor and presenter is listed.

What if I've already presented my work at another venue?

You can submit work that has been presented at other venues.

What if my project is a work in progress?

You can submit work that is a work in progress. A presentation is a perfect opportunity to outline your project goals, evaluate where your project is at, and what you hope will come of it.

Can North County students participate?

Yes, North County students can present at either the Jamestown or the Cattaraugus County Campus Scholars Days.

What do I get if I win?

The best presentations from each campus will be awarded $100.

How is the day structured?

Students should arrive at their designated venues at 11:50 a.m. Presentations will take place noon to 1 p.m. Presentations are about five minutes long, followed immediately by a short Q&A session. Winners will be announced within a week of each Scholars Day.

Avery Sirwatka presents in room of people for Scholars Day

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