Scholars Day 2017

Thank you for joining Jamestown Community College for Scholars Day 2017. This year, we will hold two smaller events, one on the Cattaraugus County Campus (Wednesday, April 19) and one on the Jamestown Campus (Wednesday, May 8). For more information or to RSVP to this event, please contact Annie Chartrand.

Cattaraugus County Campus: Wednesday, April 19 in MTI 216 at 12:15 p.m.

  • “Workplace Satisfaction” by Autumn Stiles and Brian Strawser with instructor Francis LaChappelle
    (This study looks at the contributing factors of workplace satisfaction, particularly in the field of nursing.)

Jamestown Campus: Monday, May 8 in ARSC 110 at noon

  • “Consensus Narratives and Gender Roles” by Breanna Nelson
    (This presentation reviews the development and perpetuation of distinct gender roles through consensus narratives as distributed by media producers.)
  • “Gender in the Media and Media Production” by Carli Marsh
    (This project examines gender representation across media and how that representation impacts gender demographics within media production.)
  • “The Media’s Representation of Women” by Dereck Ice
    (This project studies how women are represented in the media, including leading stereotypes and leadership roles.)
  • “Women in the Media” by Greta Gustafson
    (This study looks at the way women are portrayed in the media, including and often stereotyping, objectification, and sexualization.)
  • “Race and Media” by Shanelle Waller
    (This project examines at how different races are represented in the media.)
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