How to participate in Scholars Day

Thank you for wanting to be a part of Jamestown Community College’s annual Scholars Day! In order to participate, you have to be a currently enrolled JCC student. You will also need to have a faculty member endorse your project.

1. Apply 2. Make your poster

Step 1: Apply

  1. Fill out an application and write a brief abstract for your project.
  2. After you’ve submitted your application, the Scholars Day Working Group will review it and let you know if your project has been accepted.
  3. If your application has been approved, you will make a poster to show your project and its conclusions.

Step 2: Make your poster

  1. Create your poster using the template, or create your own design. Make sure that it is made in PowerPoint and size is 42”x36” (horizontal or vertical format is accepted).
  2. All files will be converted to PDF before being printed. Your faculty sponsor must approve your poster for print.

Helpful tips

How to write an abstract

An abstract is a brief summary of your work; share what you’re hoping to show or learn, and the steps you’re taking to get there. The purpose of the abstract is to define the precise subject of the poster to an audience.

The abstract should be no more than 350 words, and should not include tables or figures.

The abstract will be judged on:

  • its appropriateness of content
  • evidence of a focused topic, and
  • clarity of writing.
Tips on poster design

How will my presentation be evaluated?

A poster is considered successful if it conveys a clear message to viewers. Faculty from the appropriate disciplines will evaluate Scholars Day posters and other presentations, and will select award winners based on whether it has:

  • A structure that is easy-to-follow
  • Materials that are visually appealing and well-designed
  • Evidence of significant planning and research
  • Text that is free of spelling and grammatical errors 

Generally, a research poster provides:

  • Clear information on background/objectives
  • The approach used to generate your results (methodology)
  • The major conclusions of the research (if available) and future research

Suggested layout and design format:

  • Title: This should be both interesting and informative
  • Abstract: Conveys what your project is clearly and succinctly. This should also include your name and the course (or other occasion) for which you completed the project
  • Introduction: Specify the objective of your study, provide an overview of what you have done, and point out the significance and value of the research
  • Method: Describe how to came to your results
  • Results: Indicate what your research has revealed
  • Conclusion: An explanation of the ways the results satisfy the research objective, implications of your research, and future work that can be done based off of your results

Frequent poster presentation mistakes:

  • Too much text
  • Too much color
  • Not enough color
  • Too much information
  • Unclear structure - clarify your objectives, approach, conclusions, or perspectives
  • Poor figures - make graphics/charts reader-friendly
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