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Scholars Day is a day for you to share your collegiate work and experiences with the college community. You can present your honors program coursework, capstone projects, study abroad experiences, field placements and internships, research projects, and independent studies.

Students and faculty at all Jamestown Community College locations are encouraged to apply.

Teagan Smith with advisor, vice president, and president at poster display

Scholars Day 2018

This year, the Jamestown Campus will celebrate Scholars Day on Monday, April 30, and the Cattaraugus Campus will celebrate on Wednesday, May 2.

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Jamestown Campus
North County Center


Cattaraugus County Campus

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Can presentations be completed by a group?

Yes! Group presentations are encouraged. Only one application form should be submitted for each group presentation, but be sure the name of every contributor and presenter is listed. 

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How will I make my poster?

You'll create a digital version of your poster using PowerPoint (or a Mac equivalent). Check the deadlines for the date when the digital file must be submitted. We also have some tips to help you develop your poster. Printing arrangements and fees will be taken care of for you. (Printing fees usually cost about $50!)

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Can faculty present their work as well?

Faculty are also encouraged to present their work, and may take part in a student group. Faculty members may not receive any type of monetary award; however, if they are part of a student group, the students are still eligible to receive monetary awards.

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What if I've already presented my work at another venue?

It is acceptable for the work to have been presented at other venues.

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What if my project is a work in progress?

A poster presentation is a perfect opportunity to outline your project goals and methods and articulate where your project is at and what you hope will come of it.

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Can North County and Warren Center students take part?

Yes, North County and Warren Center students may choose to have their presentations affiliated with either the Jamestown or the Cattaraugus County Campus.

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What do I get if I win?

The best poster presentations from each campus will be awarded $100. On the Jamestown Campus, $25 gift certificates will be given to the best poster from each category, and awards will be given on both campuses to the best oral or tabletop presentations.

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How is the day structured?

Students set up their posters in the morning and stay with them throughout the day when possible (i.e., when not in class). Students are then required to stand with their posters from 11:50 a.m.-1:15 p.m. and talk about their work to students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

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Where do I sign up?

If you're interested in being a part of Scholars Day, check out our application page for information on how to apply and how to make your poster.

If you have questions about whether a project could be presented during Scholars Day, please contact Annie Chartrand.