Title Employer Submitted
Summer Camp Intern Fenton History Center 06/14/2016
Sustainability Intern Penn State Agriculture Extension - Warren County 10/22/2013
Sustainability Intern -- Energy Use Reduction JCC Office of Sustainability 10/22/2013
Sustainability Intern -- Greenhouse Gas Inventory JCC Office of Sustainability 10/22/2013
Sustainability Intern -- Recycling JCC Office of Sustainability 10/22/2013
Sustainability Intern -- Residence Hall Eco-Rep JCC Office of Sustainability 10/22/2013
Tax Preparation Intern Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union 06/01/2015
Tutor and Mentor Chautauqua Striders 06/12/2017
Tutor Intern Liberty Partnerships Program 10/24/2017
Urban Forestry Intern Wendel Companies 01/07/2015
Video and Web Intern Radiantly You 12/02/2016
Video Production Intern New Directions Youth and Family Services 11/20/2015
Videographer Intern The Resource Center 01/02/2014
Videography and Photography Intern Jamestown Community College 01/28/2016
Videography Intern 360Heros Inc. 10/06/2014
Videography Intern Four Mile Brewing 04/04/2016
Volunteer Coordination Intern Great Blue Heron Music Festival/Heron Bluegrass Festival 03/18/2015
Warren Library Computer Assistant Warren Library Association 11/22/2013
Web and Marketing Intern Clear Creek Farms, LLC 05/01/2017
Web and Marketing Intern Barkstrom Acupuncture PC 05/16/2016
Web Content Intern TEI Department, Jamestown Community College 09/01/2015
Web Intern AmeriCan 05/30/2017
Web Marketing and Social Media Intern protocol 80, Inc. 01/06/2014
Website Development Intern Southern Tier Wireless, Inc. 08/29/2016
Writing Intern Chautauqua County Visitors Bureau 09/13/2018


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