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Live, learn, and work abroad

At Jamestown Community College, we believe you learn best through experience. We've created international internships that let you live, work, and learn as you experience a culture firsthand.

So, if you want to learn about the history of the Middle Kingdom and how to speak Mandarin, then you go to China. If you want to experience the amazing combination of antiquity and modernity in Tokyo, you go to Japan. And if you want to experience the passion of flamenco and improve your Spanish, you go to Spain. It's learning by doing.

Read about the adventures of previous JCC students who've studied abroad.

Internship locations and applications

Chengdu, China

In China, we've partnered with a YMCA/YWCA in Chengdu, a metropolis located in the Sichuan province in the western part of the country. You’ll stay free in a fully-furnished apartment, complete with wireless internet, air conditioning, and a monthly stipend, with free lunches provided during the weekdays. In exchange, you’ll teach English at the YMCA/YWCA and in the local schools while earning college credit.

Tokyo, Japan

In Japan, we've partnered with team CK, a Tokyo-based company dedicated to language learning and assisting foreign firms doing business in Japan. You’ll stay with a Japanese host family in Tokyo, the famous capital city, and you’ll teach English in a variety of settings, including professional offices, small tutoring venues, a public school, and private homes, while earning college credit.

Valladolid, Spain

In Spain, you’ll stay with a host family in Valladolid, a university city in the Castile and León region. You'll work with the director of United Cultures S.L. as an English instruction intern for the semester or summer, teaching the English language to a wide variety of people during the week. On the weekends, you're free to explore the city, wander through the medieval villages that dot the countryside, spend time with your host family, and travel, all for college credit.

Streets of Madrid Statue in Spain Burgos Cathedral in Spain
Wu Hou Temple Pathway Panda in a tree Old buildings in China
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