Syllabus Statement

As you prepare or update your syllabi, please consider including a statement, like the one below, about the availability of services for students with disabilities.

"Students who require accommodations to complete the requirements and expectations of this course because of a disability must make their accommodation requests to the disability support services office which can be reached at: 716.338.1251, 716.376.7544, or via e-mail."

Faculty Training Module

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General Information and Services to Faculty

Both Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 proclaim that qualified students with disabilities have the right to reasonable modifications in all campus programs and services in order to make a college education truly accessible. The disability support services office assists students in arranging auxiliary aids and services necessary to ameliorate the effects of the student’s disability on his academic experience. What is “reasonable” is determined between the disability support services office and the student.

Faculty will receive accommodations letters from the disability support services coordinator about individual students with disabilities actually enrolled in their classes. Such accommodations are not optional and are not left to the discretion of the instructor; however, the coordinator encourages and welcomes consultation, questions and concerns. The coordinator may or may not have written permission from a student to discuss the nature of the student’s disability, but can discuss the student’s functional limitations relating to the individual classroom, curriculum, and tests.

Services to faculty include:

  • Specialized test administration for students enrolled at either the Jamestown or Cattaraugus County Campus who need to take their tests in Main Street or the Learning Assistance Center for disability-related reasons. 
  • Consultation regarding classroom and testing adaptations for individual students 
  • Consultation regarding students with learning difficulties 
  • Preliminary screening of students with possible learning disabilities

Referral Process

Students requesting classroom and testing modifications must work through the disabilities support services office and provide documentation supporting the disability-related request. Please refer students with disabilities, or students who are unsure but may be eligible for assistance, to the disability support services office. There is no requirement for faculty to make any modifications to coursework or testing unless notified by this office. Claims of disability and requests for accommodation from students should be referred to the disabilities support service office for proper evaluation and action.

Creating Accessible Instructional Materials

Use these links to excellent "how-to" instructions for creating accessible tests and classroom materials.




Tools for Evaluating Accessibility

Microsoft 2012 Accessibility Checker for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel:

Web Accessibility Checker:

Evaluating Cognitive Web Accessibility:

Contact Information

Jamestown Campus

The disability support services office is located in Main Street on the second floor of the HULT building, 716.338.1251. Equipment and facilities are open to students during Main Street’s regular hours.

Cattaraugus County Campus

The disability support services office is located in the Cutco Theatre / Technology Center building on the ground floor inside the Learning Assistance/ Computer Center. The coordinator can be reached at 716.376.7544. Office hours days are held once a week and are posted at the beginning of every semester. Equipment and facilities are open to students during the Learning Assistance Center’s regular hours.

North County

The DSSO Coordinator holds office hours regularly at the North County Extension Center. Hours are posted at the beginning of each semester, though students are encouraged to call or email the coordinator at the Jamestown campus whenever necessary.

Warren or Other Sites

Meetings with students or faculty at the Warren or other sites can be arranged by appointment. Students attending the extension sites are entitled to the same auxiliary aids and services they would receive if attending the Jamestown or Cattaraugus campuses.  

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