Connect with your path to success through one of our more than 60 programs of study, certificates, one-plus-one agreements, or special credit opportunities. From business to computer science, criminal justice to fine arts, education to nursing, you’ll discover a challenging yet caring environment where you’ll be welcomed from day one.

Our flexible class schedules—with day, evening, weekend, and online options—will help you connect your educational goals with a time that works for you. And with an average class size of 16 students, you’ll be challenged by professors who not only know your name, but also how you learn best.

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Discover the Right Path

At Jamestown Community College, you can complete a certificate or associate degree as you connect to your future. Though each offers a different path, both certificates and associate degrees can open doors to new opportunities for you and your career.

Programs of Study

Unless otherwise noted, programs may be completed at either the Jamestown or Cattaraugus County Campus.
■ Program completion will require students to attend some classes on the Jamestown Campus.
* Program is available online.

Associate Degrees

An associate degree prepares you for employment and/or transfer to a four-year institution. For those looking to go on to earn a four-year degree, this is the preferred option, and no previous experience in the field is required. On a full-time basis, it generally takes two years to complete an associate degree.

Associate in Arts Degree

Associate in Science Degree

Career Advantage

Complete your associate degree in a two-year cohort model, attending classes in person and online.

One-Plus-One Agreements

Connect to your future through JCC's One-Plus-One Agreements, where students spend one year at JCC and then transfer to a partner institution to complete the second year of the degree program. JCC offers agreements for:

    Special Credit Opportunities

    Study Abroad

    Our world is becoming more connected. The barriers that once separated countries and continents no longer exist. In this new, globalized world, we believe that it’s more important than ever to bring an international perspective to your education.

    Study Abroad

    What programs does JCC offer?

    We offer you a variety of study abroad options. As part of the College Consortium of International Studies, eligible JCC students are able to participate in semester or longer programs in almost 30 countries, from Ireland to India. We have agreements with organizations in Spain and China, allowing JCC students to spend a semester teaching English in exchange for housing, all while earning college credit. We offer travel course opportunities, too. And that’s just the beginning.

    How will I make this work?

    Worried that you won’t be able to fit studying abroad into your schedule? Don’t be. Up to 15 of the credits you earn while studying abroad can be counted towards your degree at JCC. Not only that, but students studying abroad can apply for a few additional scholarship opportunities, and in many cases students are still able to receive financial aid from federal, state, and institutional sources. Check with your academic advisor or a financial aid specialist to find out what your situation would be.

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    Experiential Learning

    Your education shouldn’t just be something that happens to you; it should be an experience that engages and challenges you. Applied learning at Jamestown Community College offers you the opportunity to apply what you learn in the classroom to the real world, so you not only get the theory, you put it into practice.

    Our curriculum reflects this commitment to applied learning. Want to start building your professional network and get a jumpstart on your career? Complete a credit or non-credit-bearing internship or participate in our job shadowing program. Have an interest that you’d like to share with others? Start a club. You can also take an EL-intensive course or study abroad. The opportunities are all there, waiting for you to seize them.

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    Experiental Learning
    Experiental Learning


    The faculty at Jamestown Community College demonstrate an extraordinary passion for sharing their knowledge. Whether it’s leading students on a trip through the Costa Rican rainforest or helping them develop and present their own original research, our faculty go above and beyond to give you the best possible educational experience.

    At JCC we know that knowledge isn’t just academic; it’s lived experience. That’s why many of our faculty members are still actively involved in the fields they teach, learning the latest trends and instructing their students in the most up-to-date methodology. So you’re not learning what was current when your professor went to college. You’re learning what’s current now. 

    Meet the Professors…