Green Man
In a world with irresponsible wielders of carbon emissions and babies with an astronomical carbon footprint rule the Earth..who will save us from ourselves? 
The adventures of Green Man continue as he faces off against his archnemesis: The Litterbug. 
Earthfest 2012, celebrating Earth Day, was held on April 25. Members of the JCC community and the community at large joined together in celebration of the Earth and learned more about how to be better stewards of the wonders that nature provides. The event was sponsored by JCC's Earth Awareness Club and the college program committee of the JCC Faculty Student Association.

We relocated ten mature sugar maple trees to accommodate site preparation for a new residence hall.

Get a glimpse of what went on at the Eco Warriors summer camp on the Cattaraugus County campus. Kids spent a week learning about the environment and how to protect it and then ended the week with a presentation for their parents.


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