2017-2018 Directions

Enrich JCC's Culture of Student Success

Focus on improving the culture of student centeredness and success in order to achieve robust new enrollments from all potential markets and significantly improve levels of retention to completion for JCC students.

Maintain College Financial Stability

Maintain the college’s financial stability by achieving higher levels of operational efficiency, making necessary budget cuts, actively pursuing a five-year capital facilities master plan, exploring new collaborative partnerships, updating critical college policies, and securing additional resources from a wide range of external funding sources.

Strengthen the JCC Cattaraugus County Campus

At all college levels, energetically pursue the vision and initiatives outlined in the document known as the “JCC Cattaraugus County Campus:  The Vision for a Strong and Inspiring Future.”

Enhance Program Offerings

Support and invest in an array of high quality, community relevant, and financially viable credit and non-credit academic programs which employ a variety of educational models and delivery systems and, where possible, operate on all JCC campus locations.

Enhance JCC Workplace Satisfaction

Promote leadership and career development programs to all JCC employees in order to enhance the JCC workplace culture and actively encourage participation in innovative practices.

Promote College Safety and Security

Promote a safe and secure campus environment by implementing strategies and drills that properly educate and equip JCC students, faculty, and staff with procedures and skills that align with best practices for security management.

Encourage an Inclusive College Environment

Expand JCC efforts to provide a welcoming environment for diversity that encourages an understanding of the values associated with inclusiveness and fosters civil discourse in all college interactions.

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