Steering Committee and Working Groups

Middle States Steering Committee

  • Beth Starks: Co-Chair; Coordinator of Early Childhood Education; Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education
  • Dale Yerpe: Co-Chair; Professor of English
  • Dr. Marilyn Zagora: Accreditation Liaison Officer; Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Theresa Baginski: Co-Chair, Standard I; Coordinator of World Languages; Professor of Spanish
  • Martha Zenns: Co-Chair, Standard I; Professor of Business and Economics
  • Catherine Iannello: Co-Chair, Standard II; Director of Human Services and Addictions Counseling; Associate Professor of Human Services and Addictions Counseling
  • Bridget Johnson: Co-Chair, Standard II; Coordinator of Community Relations
  • Amber Kautzman: Co-Chair, Standard III; Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Traci Langworthy: Co-Chair, Standard III; Coordinator of History; Associate Professor of History
  • Beth Lisi: Co-Chair, Standard IV; Coordinator of The Learning Center; Assistant Professor
  • Tammy Smith: Co-Chair, Standard IV; Director of the Counseling and Career Center, Assistant Professor
  • Cindy Hinz: Chair, Standard V; Coordinator of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment; Co-coordinator of Business; Professor of Business
  • Elizabeth Booth: Co-Chair, Standard VI; Director of North County Extension Center; Interim Vice President of Workforce Readiness; Chief Operating Officer of Cattaraugus County Campus
  • Denise Burbey: Co-Chair, Standard VI; Executive Director of Technology
  • Dr. Renee Funke: Co-Chair, Standard VII; Director of Teacher Education; Coordinator of Teacher Education Field Placement Sites; Associate Professor of Teacher Education
  • Nelson Garifi: Co-Chair, Standard VII; Executive Director of Academic Innovation
  • Crystal Rose-Williams: Chair, Federal Compliance Verification; Director of Academic Affairs
  • Kayla Griewisch: Institutional Research Analyst

Standard I Working Group – Mission and Goals

  • Co-Chairs: Theresa Baginski, Martha Zenns
  • Liaison: Beth Starks
  • Dr. David Kadanoff: Coordinator of Sociology, Anthropology, and Geography; Assistant Professor of Sociology and Psychology
  • Dr. Bob Phillips: Coordinator of Transfer Articulation Agreements; Professor of Biology
  • Grant Umberger: Director of Workforce Readiness

Standard II Working Group – Ethics and Integrity

  • Co-Chairs: Catherine Iannello, Bridget Johnson
  • Liaison: Dale Yerpe
  • Jim Chimenti: Director of Business; Professor of Business
  • Marilyn Gerace: Dean of Social Sciences and Business; Director of Criminal Justice and Public Safety Programs
  • Cynthia McKane: Reference Librarian; Associate Professor
  • Nickey Riczker: Director of Human Resources
  • Simone Sellstrom: Director of Media, Visual and Performing Arts; Coordinator of Communication; Assistant Professor of Communication

Standard III Working Group – Design and Delivery of the Student Learning Experience

  • Co-Chairs: Amber Kautzman, Traci Langworthy
  • Liaison: Dale Yerpe
  • Jade Barber: Director of College Connections
  • Sarah Bray: Co-Coordinator of Business and Economics; Assistant Professor of Social Sciences and Business
  • Maria Kindberg: Dean of Arts, Humanities, Health Sciences, and Athletics
  • Jessica Kubiak: Director of Humanities; Assistant Professor of Reading and Composition
  • Dr. Ellen Lehning: Professor of Biology
  • Dr. Chris Reisch: Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Standard IV Working Group – Support of the Student Experience

  • Co-Chairs: Beth Lisi, Tammy Smith
  • Liaison: Dale Yerpe
  • Tim Arnold: Director of Libraries
  • Colette Haight: Coordinator of Academic Advising; Assistant Professor
  • Justin March: Coordinator of Developmental Studies; Assistant Professor of Reading
  • Paula Snyder: Executive Director of the Cattaraugus County Campus

Standard V Working Group – Educational Effectiveness Assessment

  • Chair: Cindy Hinz
  • Liaison: Marilyn Zagora
  • Amanda Bartels: Coordinator, Mathematics (Cattaraugus County Campus); Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Heather Burrell: Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Janelle Grey: Learning Center Coordinator; Instructor
  • Keith Kranick: Director of Workforce Readiness
  • Jean Schrader: Dean of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Karen Weyant: Associate Professor of English

Standard VI Working Group – Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement

  • Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Booth, Denise Burbey
  • Liaison: Marilyn Zagora
  • Ellen Ditonto: Executive Director of Faculty Student Association
  • Dave Johnson: Director of Buildings and Grounds
  • Mike Martello: Vice President of Administration
  • Bob Ratterman: Coordinator of Science (Cattaraugus County Campus); Professor of Biology
  • Dr. Kathy Taydus: Director of Nursing Education; Associate Professor of Nursing
  • Sarah Tranum: Director of Occupational Therapy Assistant Education; Professor of Occupational Therapy Assistant

Standard VII Working Group – Governance, Leadership, and Administration

  • Co-Chairs: Renee Funke, Nelson Garifi
  • Liaison: Beth Starks
  • Tracy Kelly: Registrar; Instructor
  • Dr. Meghan McCune: Co-Director of Social Sciences; Coordinator of Anthropology, History, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology; Associate Professor of Anthropology and Sociology
  • Dr. Johnny Stein: Coordinator of English; Assistant Professor of English Composition
  • Dr. Kirk Young: Vice President of Enrollment Management and Institutional Advancement

Federal Compliance Review Working Group

  • Chair: Crystal Rose-Williams
  • Liaison: Marilyn Zagora
  • Jill Colburn: Director of Financial Aid
  • Kayla Griewisch: Institutional Research Analyst
  • Tracy Kelly: Registrar; Instructor

Evidence Inventory Working Group

  • Liaison: Marilyn Zagora
  • Kayla Griewisch: Institutional Research Analyst
  • Renee Henry: Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Crystal Rose-Williams: Director of Academic Affairs

Middle States Coordinating Committee

  • Beth Starks: Co-Chair; Coordinator of Early Childhood Education; Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education
  • Dale Yerpe: Co-Chair; Professor of English
  • Dr. Marilyn Zagora: Accreditation Liaison Officer; Vice President of Academic Affairs

Expanded Coordinating Committee

  • Kayla Griewisch: Institutional Research Analyst
  • Cindy Hinz: Coordinator of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment; Co-Coordinator of Business; Professor of Business
  • Crystal Rose-Williams: Federal Compliance Review Chair; Director of Academic Affairs
  • Beth Starks: Steering Committee Co-Chair; Coordinator of Early Childhood Education; Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education
  • Dale Yerpe: Steering Committee Co-Chair; Professor of English
  • Dr. Marilyn Zagora: Accreditation Liaison Officer; Vice President of Academic Affairs
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