Self-Study and Accreditation Evaluation

Self-study design

Self-study timetable

Design phase: 2018-2019

  • Dec 2018: Coordinating Committee (CC) appointed, design selected.
  • Jan 2019: CC selects chairs/co-chairs and potential members for the seven working groups (WGs); college leadership council oriented to process.
  • Jan-Feb 2019: CC begins development of research questions.
  • Feb 2019: Steering Committee (SC) initial meeting to review charges and timeline.
  • Early Feb 2019: Membership of various working groups finalized.
  • Feb-Mar 2019: WGs meet to review charges and drafts of research questions, draft revisions to research questions; SC provides feedback and coordination; CC begins draft of design document and SC provides feedback.
  • Mar 7, 2019: Deadline for first draft of research questions due to CC.
  • Mar 13, 2019: SC meets to review work of WGs, and to review introduction/closing sections of design document; CC revises research questions and introduction/closing sections of design document, and shares with SC.
  • Mar 25-Apr 4, 2019: Submission of draft design document to entire college community for review and comment period.
  • Apr 4-8, 2019: CC considers college community input, edits draft of design document, shares via email with SC for input.
  • Apr 11, 2019: CC makes final revisions to design document, shares with SC and others for approval.
  • Apr 18, 2019: Submission of design document to Middle States liaison Dr. Hilda Colon Plumey.
  • May 9, 2019: Dr. Colon Plumey makes campus visit.
  • May 2019: SC incorporates feedback and suggestions from Dr. Colon Plumey.
  • May 2019: SC reports status of Middle States self-study to college community.

Research and writing phase: 2019-2020

  • Sept-Dec 2019: WGs reconvene to resume self-study activities. Examine existing data and evaluative reports, and gather new information if necessary. Pay particular attention to student learning and achievement. Begin drafting answers to research questions.
  • Sept-Dec 2019: SC meets regularly to review process and ensure that work is not being duplicated.
  • Sept-Dec 2019: CC drafts introductory chapter of self-study, keeps campus apprised of progress, and solicits input.
  • Jan-Feb 2020: WGs complete first draft of chapters. SC provides feedback. CC completes first draft of introductory chapter. SC provides feedback.
  • Mar 2020: WGs respond to feedback from SC, complete revisions to chapters.
  • Apr 2020: First community review of draft of introductory and WGs’ chapters compiled.
  • Apr-May 2020: Community comment period.

Summary and comment phase: fall 2020

  • Jun-Aug 2020: CC rewrites introductory and WGs’ chapters in light of community comments and WG and SC deliberations. CC drafts concluding chapter and executive summary.
  • Sept 2020: Community consideration of second community draft, and consideration of new developments and evolving issues that should be addressed in the document.
  • Nov 2020: CC prepares final draft after consideration by WGs and SC.
  • Dec 2020: Presentation of final draft to governance bodies for endorsement. Presentation to Board of Trustees.

Final preparation: spring 2021

  • Jan 2021: Final document prepared.
  • Feb 2021: Final document sent to Middle States.
  • Mar 2021: Preparation for team visit.
  • Apr 2021: Team visit.

Other documents

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