MSCHE Self-Study

From JCC President Daniel T. DeMarte

JCC has begun an important process which occurs once each decade in the life of the college: an institutional self-study for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education that, if successful, will result in the re-accreditation of the college by the Middle States Commission. Our process will culminate in a visit by an external team in spring 2021 followed by commission action.

Middle States accreditation is essential to the college’s existence. The authority to award and receive federal financial aid and to transfer JCC credits to another institution is dependent on the college’s accreditation. While this review process is required by our outside accreditors, the self-study process is, at its core, intended to provide an opportunity for a candid, thoughtful, and thorough self-assessment by the college community which identifies strengths and areas for growth, and includes recommendations for future improvement. To achieve this ambitious goal, our self-study process will involve all members of the college community and will include input from the communities served by the college as well.

With these outcomes in mind, it is essential that we provide effective leadership for this comprehensive and lengthy process. Professors Beth Starks and Dale Yerpe, respected members of our faculty, are serving as co-chairs of our self-study process. They are guided in this work by Marilyn Zagora, vice president of academic affairs. In addition, a series of working groups, led by faculty and staff co-chairs and including a cross-section of individuals from within the institution, will implement our review process.

The first phase of the self-study process is being conducted in the spring and summer of 2019, with intensive development of our self-study report occurring during the next two academic years. 

As our process unfolds, we look forward to engaging all members of the college community in various ways in this important internal review. Building upon our careful self-analysis, we will use our self-study as a springboard for the creation of a stronger college, well-positioned for a bright and prosperous future.

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